B A S E D -O N -R E A L -E V E N T S

......The story begins in 1912, when Alphonse 'Al' Capone is a young thirteen year old boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York. His mother and father emigrated from Naples, Italy. Back then he had already established small street gangs along with his brothers and close friends. As he matures into a young adult, he begins working small jobs at local clubs owned by New York mobster Frankie Yale. Eventually, his friend Johnny Torrio invites him to Chicago offering him to be his right-hand for some of his operations in the city, particularly his speakeasy nightclub The Four Deuces. With prohibition now in motion, Johnny and Al seek to maintain control of their business, seizing the opportunity to expand. Things get out of control when some get greedy, especially rival Irish mobster Bugsy Moran, as he attempts to step on Johnny's toes by taking over some of his liquor shipment routes. After an attempt on his life, Johnny decides it's time to retire, making Al the new capo at only age 26. A new chapter begins, as he makes a name for himself, leading one of the most powerful organized crime group known as The Chicago Outfit.

What do we really know about the legendary mob figure Al Capone?
The first things that probably appear in people's minds are:
The Untouchables and the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.
Neither of the two, however, tell the in depth story of the man himself.

....Screenwriter Giovanni Tartaglia has been fascinated by the legacy of Al Capone and the Prohibition era ever since he was a teenager. Having researched many books and documentaries on the topic through the years, Giovanni felt that the few films made about the legendary man didn't quite do justice. None seemed to show the beginning, of who Alphonse Capone really was. Therefore, he decided to write his own. Embarking on a journey of research and conversations with Chicago natives with stories to share from their ancestors who lived in the Capone era, the screenplay for CAPONE began to take form. Besides being a ruthless man, when needed to be, many also saw him as a modern day Robin Hood figure, who also opened the first soup kitchen in the city of Chicago during the Great Depression in 1931. With that, he enabled thousands of families to have daily meals provided. Most importantly, Al was a reasonable businessman, who only attacked if provoked.